4 June 2014

The Favourites | Comeback Kids

We all have those products, the ones we forget we have that we once loved, replaced by a newer more exciting product - only exciting because it's new. Yup, everyone does. I have a bucket load (curse of the beauty blogger). Recently I cleaned out my bathroom and rediscovered some delights... 

#1 | Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Why did I ever stop using this? The perfect under eye concealer, it lightens and brightens so my now constant dark circles (curse of the communter) are disguised mwaha. Cheap and cheerful it's a winner. It stays for a good few hours and doesn't slip or crease. I pop this on top of my foundation/tinted moisturiser and blend with my buffing brush. On top of blemishes it's not quite as amazing - it's definitely one for under eyes - it highlighters more than hides in this case. Otherwise, total winner winner, chicken dinner.

#2 | 17 Instant Glow Gold Bronze Shimmer Brick
I gave this up a little while ago in favour of a more matte bronzer. I went off shimmer for a while, however my matte bronzer died (long story) so I picked this back up. I've been using the darkest shade for contour, which I didn't before, and the middle two colours for added colour in my cheeks. I've fallen back in love with this product and I love how the tones match my face and the glow it gives. It's a beaut of a product and I can't believe I ever stopped using it.

#3 | Origins Zero Oil Cleanser
This somehow got lost and I was devastated. I didn't want to fork out for another so I thought it'd be the perfect time to try something new, which I did and I did fall in love with it. However, I recently refound this and have been using it again ever since. Nothing cleans my skin like this and nothing sorts my skin out as much as this as well. It's the perfect cleanser for oily, blemish prone skin and well, it just works.

#4 | Gosh Intense Eye Liner Pen in Brown
This was one of the first things I was ever sent to review on the blog and I loved it from the off. I put it away to play with some newbies which was pretty much all black. Some I loved, some were a bit meh. I decided to try again with this when I was using a lot of nude and brown shadows to create a brown everyday smokey eye and this looked amazing as opposed to black liner with this and this has become my everyday look.

#5 | Nivea Daily Essential Express Hydration Primer
Last, but definitely not least, is this beauty of a day moisturiser/primer. I don't really see it as a primer but as a very light gellish moisturiser that I use every morning. I'm not even entierly sure why i stopped using this as it is amazing, not gonna lie. It's super super nourishing for my skin and is the perfect pre make up moisturiser as it really smooths the skin and isn't too heavy (hello primer properties). This isn't leaving my side again, like, ever.

I do think it's so much fun going back through your collection and finding old products you've forgotten. Love it.

What are your favourite comeback products?


  1. The 17 Shimmer Brick looks beautiful! It's always nice to rediscover old favourites :)

    Jess xo

  2. I've also recently re-discovered my rimmel wake me up concealer, it just does the job so well.

    Georgia x


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