21 June 2014

The Life Post | My First Ascot

You may have seen on Instagram, or Twitter, you will know I went off to the first day of Ascot on Tuesday. I was kindly invited by Adams mum and I was super excited. I'd never been to horse racing before and I wasn't entierly sure what to expect - all I knew was I needed a hat!

Thankfully Adam's mum had one I could borrow so I donned my smart gear, popped on my hat, and off we went. We all went up on a coach, with me texting my older brother for betting tips, and had an M&S picnic with champagne before we went into the race course. We managed to get a table right in front of the course to view all the action and it was amazing. The atmosphere was incredible and the excitement during the races was unexpected. Helps to have some pennies invested! 

Afternoon tea (not actually worth it) and singing in the bandstand later I was shattered but happy. It was a really lovely day out and if you get the chance to go I would highly recommend it! 

Have you ever been to Ascot?

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