10 April 2016

Life | A Day in Cambridge

I was so excited to go up to Cambridge to visit my lovely friend Hannah, that I never thought I'd come home completely in love with a city and bewitched by its buildings. I had such a lovely time with Hannah, I wanted to share my day and tips of what we did throughout the day.
Hannah is one of the lovliest people I know and we always have SUCH a good time together. This weekend was exactly what I needed. Hannah's been in Cambridge for a couple of years now so what better person to show me around than her?

To start with she took me to brunch to this really cute little place Relevant Record Cafe where they do great food, and downstairs they sell great records. I'm not a huge record person myself but I can appreciate the love. I was there for the food, and coffee... Definitely the coffee. I ordered the eyes royale - which I apparently have a thing for now - while Hannah went for the vegetarian sausage sandwich. So tasty and the perfect way to start our day.

For the morning we walked around some of the colleges. Cambridge is known for its academic accolades, and Hannah gets free entry as she's staff so it would have been rude not to look around. I was massively surprised by how beautiful it all was. We walked around Kings, Trinity College and St Johns. I'm not usually a building type of person, but even I would admit they were stunning to look at and a little daunting.  Each colleges has something slightly different to offer. Kings is a large chapel with beautiful grounds. The stain glass windows were breathtaking and something else entirely, they were truly something else. The grounds were stunning, going along the Cam River where you could watch the punters go by. Trinity College was the home of Sir Issac Newton and Tennyson, a truly academic feel to the college I felt like I gained a few IQ points by just looking at it. There was also this really cool fountain, tower type thing in the garden that I wanted to take home with me. The last one we went to see was St Johns, massive grounds and a beautiful building - which is used for student accomodation (am I the only one who feels a bit shafted by theirs now?). It also houses the Bridge of Sighs - named after the bridge in Venice. 

After walking around a couple, we decided to go punting - there are a lot of people wandering around trying to get you to go punting, but we just went down to the Quayside and grabbed a company there. After a small glass of prosecco, we got onto our punt with a few other people and we started up the river. I absolutely loved punting, it was probably my favourite part of the entire day. It was so chilled just going up the river and our punter was great - he was quite sarcastic, but it was hilarious. We heard stories about different colleges we went past which was really interesting. If you do get a gorgeous day in Cambridge please go punting - it was so lovely and relaxing, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cambridge is great for shopping as well, so after punting we went and spent a few pennies and then headed back to get ready for dinner. 

I was really excited for dinner as we were going to a greek restaurant, and I can't remember if I've actually ever been to one, so I was intrigued. We went to The Olive Grove, which is this really cute little restaurant on the way into the main city. It had a lovely atmosphere, very dimmed and relaxed. It would actually be a very good date restaurant. The food was amazing. We shared the Ionian Bruschetta to start, which was gorgeous. I'm not a tomato person but I really enjoyed this. It also worked out our mains would be running a little bit late so they very kindly bought us some free pita bread and quite possibly the best olives I've ever had in my life. When our mains arrived they were well worth the wait. Hannah is a vegetarian so went for the Olive Grove Salad, whilst I dug into their famous Mousakka. The food was amazing, so tasty and well worth the hype. 

Overall I absolutely loved Cambridge. It's a beautiful place with some hidden foodie gems, yet some not so hidden architectural beauties. I would highly recommend a visit and I can't wait to go back... if Hannah will have me?

What places would you recommend I go visit and explore next?
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