15 July 2019

THE HOLIDAY DIARIES: French Riviera 2019 - What I Wore

It's always depressing coming back from a lovely holiday, and being faced with reality. All those things you put on your to do list when you're back and suddenly you have to do them. So much fun. Something I did want to do while I was away was film a what I wore holiday edition, but to be honest - I didn't want to when I got out there. So I thought instead it'd be fun to do a round up of my outfits on here.

This is obviously not every outfit - and if you'd like me to do a couple styling videos on holiday outfits let me know! I stayed with my family just outside of Saint Paul de Vence, in the French Riviera. It was hot, it was beautiful and I didn't really want to come home. I also loved a lot of my outfits so I hope you do too!
Let's start with the image at the top! This was 100% one of my favourite outfits of the whole trip and was perfect for exploring a hot town in the sun - whilst protecting my thighs from rubbing together. Girls without a thigh gap - you know my struggle! This entire outfit is still available as well. The shorts are obviously the centre piece - these red spotty Bermuda shorts from Zara were perfect for this trip as they're super light, long enough to cover my arse but still look really put together. The white cami is a new find from H&M (and I'm coveting the black version too), and then top it off with natural accessories to make it really Riviera style. The hot was from H&M which isn't on their website but you can find a similar one here, and the bag is from Zara. The Converse you will see in multiple photos as I lived in them.
Excuse the bare feet - I had flip flops on and my husband told me to take them off as it looks better! We spent most evenings just chilling at the villa, and on this occasion we were celebrating my brothers birthday with a bbq. So something super chill, yet still comfortable and nice was perfect. This is the same cami from H&M recycled for this look - you can see it a bit better in this photo, and the skirt is one you will have seen many times on my channel from Zara. It's been well worn... The headband was a little addition from New Look to just add something to my pool wavy hair.
We were about 10 minutes outside of Saint Paul, and I definitely fell a little bit in love with the town when we went exploring. I have a couple different outfits - one that's more chill day vibes, and the other more lunch/meal out vibes. Both accessorised with my Converse, not going to lie.
The day vibes outfit is the perfect summer piece - a comfy, light playsuit. I picked up this stripy number from H&M just before we went away and I love it. I definitely want some in other patterns for my trip to Florida. The belt is one of those Gucci knock offs that everyone loves, however mine was a fraction of the price from New Look, and here we have the Zara basket bag again.
The lunch outfit is one I wore a couple of times again - it's a gorgeous blue summer dress I actually picked up from Topshop for my honeymoon almost three years ago (similar here). Its a great day to night number, and again is really comfy and light to wander around in. The straw bag in this picture was actually a free gift with purchase from Estee Lauder (similar here.) and the Converse are back out.
Probably my favourite outfit of the entire trip, I'm not going to lie. We spent a very hot, sweaty day wandering around Monte Carlo having lunch, ice cream and drinks and trying to work out how to afford our own giant yacht. This outfit was actually perfect for the day - this daisy dress from Zara is so lightweight, and even though it's black I didn't feel hotter than I should have been. I cinched it in at the waist with the New Look belt again just to give it a different silhouette to how I've worn it before. The hat is the same as the first outfit from H&M (similar here), and the bag again is the free gift with purchase number (similar here). Plus the Converse were the perfect shoes for exploring.
For our last meal out all together, we decided to go to a little restaurant my Dad and I found in La Colle and it was honestly the best meal I've ever had. I'm doing a whole post on where we ate so will talk more about it here. It was a nice place, but still kinda chill so I decided to go for this cute Jack Wills summer dress, which was also bought for my honeymoon almost three years ago (similar here). It has a could petticoats so is definitely better for an evening meal then a hot and sweaty day. Excuse my pose - it does me no favours here btw. The shoes I picked up from New Look a few months ago, I love putting yellow or orange with navy as I feel it really brightens the outfit - and it did just that. This was super cute.
Let me know what you like to wear away! I'm off to Florida in September, so any recommendations would be appreciated - it's a bit of a different vibe to the relaxing nature of the French Riviera!
I will be doing a couple more holiday themed posts, so hope you enjoy!
Much love, Lisa May x


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