12 August 2019

THE BEAUTY DIARIES: My Holiday Essentials

Be prepared for a few holiday-themed posts coming your way over the next few weeks... And here is a beauty-themed extravaganza. I feel like everyone has the must-have products that they can't travel without, whether it's long haul plane essentials, or hot weather make up musts. So here's some of mine...

I recently went to the French Riviera where the temperature was around 30 degrees every day and meant lots of time sitting by the pool, chilling at the beach and exploring Monaco. However, I'm also heading off to Flordia in a couple of weeks and these essentials are as perfect for rides and greeting Disney princesses, as they are for chill vacays.

Obviously wearing SPF on your face is a normal necessity - however whilst on a warm break it's even more important. I tend to swap out my foundations for a tinted SPF, or BB/CC cream while I'm away so that my face is protected, and I look more natural and glowy then I do at home. I've tried a few, and I really like the La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Comfort Tinted BB Cream which I've used a lot in the past, and also the incredibly popular IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream which has more coverage than others I've tried, but still protects and looks super natural. This holiday I'm actually trying something a little different, I've picked up the Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide Light Tint, which is a more affordable option than the other two so I'll let you know how it goes but reviews look pretty awesome for it.

I like having a tinted SPF, rather than a plain one, even for pool days or beach days - simply because my skin tone can go a little red in places, I can get blemishes (especially after I've been waxed) and I sleep really badly while I'm away so my skin ends up looking tired. For me, a tinted SPF just helps me a feel a little more confident whilst also being protected.

Even if you've gone and had a wax, it's always a good idea to take a razor with you anyway just in case. However, a full-size razor can take up an annoying amount of space, it's a bit awkward and if you're like me you've lost the razor guard the moment you first used it. I always tend to get cheap disposable razors for D2D life anyway, it's cheaper and easier - and they're not the best to take away. I've had some break in the case because it's just cheap plastic and again - you need a couple or they won't last.

So for me I always pick up a little travel-friendly razor - usually the Gillette Venus Snap - there are a few different ones around now I've noticed but I always go back to this one. It's got a handy travel case to protect it, it easily lasts the length of a two week holiday, and it's a travel-friendly size while still being easy to hold and use.

I mean this is definitely a given - but on a warm holiday, it's even more essential. My D2D face for a holiday will usually be a tinted base, maybe concealer if it's needed, a bit of bronzer, mascara and lip balm. It's minimal, but enough to still make me look okay. But if it's hot - I need to make sure my mascara isn't smudging in the heat or dripping in the pool.

There are two drugstore waterproof mascaras I'm obsessed with and highly recommend. The Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara is a really good one and the one I've used the most over the years. It separates your lashes and makes them look long, curled and wispy - so you get great length but they still look relatively natural. You also have the L'Oreal Paradise Waterproof Mascara, which is a lot more dramatic and creates more volume - definitely more of a night time mascara I would say personally. It depends what you like - if you like long and wispy go Maybelline if you like more clumpy and volume than go L'Oreal. Both are great waterproof options to stand the test of a pool and sweat, so you'll be safe with either.

For any holiday, and any hair type I feel like this is an absolute necessity. I have thick hair, and I have a lot of it - it's also very long at the moment. So I find any normal brush tends to just be more of a bother than it's worth. While I am on a summer holiday, generally it's great to just let me hair air dry - but after a day at a beach, it's way too knotty and tangled to do that. Enter a detangling brush.

I've tried a few over the years - but for me personally, and my amount of hair the main ones I've found that work for me are either The Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer Wet Detangling Brush. I can't get on with the normal Tangle Teezer because I feel like I need the handle to really help guide through the mess that is my hair, but these other two really do help. Even if my hair has dried with a natural wave, using one of these just helps to smooth it out a bit and help a look a little more like a deliberate surfer chic style, rather than a tangled mess.

Not something I probably would have added in a couple years ago, but something I find essential now, in any heat. Even if I'm doing minimal make up - tinted SPF and waterproof mascara - the addition of setting spray can both refresh and also just finish everything in place. It'll help to stop liquid products from melting or shifting without the use of powder (because who wants to pile on powder in heat), and depending on the one you use, give you a lovely glowy finish at the same time.

Everyone obsesses over the Urban Decay All Nighter - I've never actually owned it but have used it on occasion and it's honestly magic. Nothing budges at all - it's insane. It's hyped for an incredibly good reason and you can get a handle travel size version for your holidays. There are a couple more purse-friendly options I also really enjoy. You have the Rimmel Insta Fix & Go Spray, which is super refreshing. It's very light and smells of cucumber so is also quite cooling on the skin. The other is the Barry M Serum Mist in Hydrating Coconut. It's a little bit of a heavier mist, but it's still great - better for lighter make up days than heavier. 

What are your holiday essentials?


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