22 August 2019


I love food. It's no secret that it's my soul mate and it's an up and down relationship. We are getting to a good place though, don't you worry. Because of this relationship, I love going out for food and finding new places to try - so when I was invited to the new kid in town, The Dockyard, I knew I had to give it a go.

The Dockyard is along the Guildhall Walk and is located where Yates used to be - a very frequently visited drunken haunt from back in my student days. I actually have pictures of me riding a mechanical bull in a tiny mini dress, the good old days. However, The Dockyard has done away with sticky floors, bulls and stripper polls and has replaced it with pool tables, gaming areas, dining tables and a funky bar. Definitely somewhere I'd prefer to be now compared to Yates. 

I headed down with a couple friends - one of which is vegetarian, and the other vegan - so it was a great opportunity to get their opinion on the range of options available for them, and the quality of the food. Adam and I went with our normal meat-eating hats on, representing the meaty side of things. 

The menu itself is really varied and incredibly reasonable. We were surprised with how much our entire order came too (although the food and drink were gifted, full disclosure). It worked out at around £11-12pp, with both the main meal and an alcoholic drink so we were very impressed. My V-Friends were also incredibly impressed with the wide range of options available to them, including a dessert that wasn't just sorbet. Anywhere we go is always a winner if they actually have a vegan-friendly dessert. In terms of the quality of the food... Well, all plates were clear by the end. I even discovered that I actually like gherkin - who knew?

Veggie Hot Dog

Buffalo Chicken Burger

Triple Beef Burger

Vegan Keema

Adam and I (meat-eaters) had two of their burgers, the triple beef burger and the buffalo chicken burger. Both were a good size and came with a side of either normal fries or sweet potato fries. I had the sweet potato and they were good! Nothing fancy, which is fine by me. Amber (vegetarian) had the veggie hot dog and loved every bite, and Sam (vegan) has a keema bowl which looks amazing I must say and again, he enjoyed it. All around there were positive reviews, with Amber saying she'd go back for lunch with her work girls as she works in the area.

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I went, because I had Yates stuck in my head, but I was honestly impressed. I really liked the decor, the atmosphere and the food was tasty and affordable. All around, good reviews from us!

Wheres your favourite affordable place in Portsmouth?

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