19 August 2019


Just warning you, you may hear and see quite a bit about my upcoming trip to Florida on here, my channel and my socials. I am very excited... Adam and I are going to Orlando Flordia in September over our Anniversary, but it's mainly to celebrate our 30th birthdays. We thought do we put on a big party for everyone, or go away and do something epic... Epic holiday won. 

As part of that, I've been looking at my wardrobe and thinking what's going to work for a holiday spent in theme parks? Not only in theme parks but a holiday in 30 degrees, muggy weather with the potential for showers? Also - clothes that won't lead me to get thigh rash because I'm not a skinny mini. Because of that, I've been looking at loads of different accounts to try and get some inspiration to put together my ideal Orlando, park-hopping outfits. Enter this months wishlist! 

I usually carry a normal bag, but when I have a lot in it, it gets heavy and kills my arm. So I figured it'd be best to stick to a backpack for Florida. I haven't owned a backpack since school - so this is a whole new realm for me. But thankfully they seem to have come back into fashion so there are loads to choose from so you can still look stylish, but also be practical.

They're light and airy, they're easy to pop on a style and they stop the old thigh rash. Playsuits were made for theme parks! Also, they avoid the awkward moment where you sit with your legs open on a ride wearing a skirt or dress... They are just the perfect holiday addition where they're basically an entire outfit. Just style with some Converse and your backpack and voila! 

No, apparently I am still not over my floral addiction. 

I think I'm going to live in shorts, so what better way to style it than with a graphic tee - maybe even a Disney or Marvel themed one? Where it's going to be hot, I don't want to have to stress about my shoulders burning, and where I'm going to be carrying a backpack I don't want to worry about it rubbing on my bare shoulders. So a tee is a perfect addition. Where to go for a graphic tee? Pull & Bear have a huge range of themed tees from movies, bands and Disney, and H&M has one of the best affordable ranges out there. So I picked my top 5 from each!

If you want to see more style inspiration then check out my Pinterest board, have been posting a lot on there recently! And don't forget to follow me on my Instagram and 21 Buttons to see if I pick any of these bits up and how I style them... 

What would be your Florida uniform?

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