13 January 2015

The Health Post | Duronic Sports Blender

This is my year for getting really healthy and one way I'd like to do that is to have a smoothie a day - home made, of course. To do that I needed a smoothie maker. I scoured the internet for one and was a touch overwhelmed by choice, but then I came upon this one on Amazon for £15. 

One thing I liked about this one is that it comes with two travel cups, both of which you use to put onto the blender so your drink blends inside the cup - minimising washing (always a fan of minimising washing). The travel aspect was really important for me as I wanted to be able to take one to work with me every day and not have it spill all over the inside of my bag.

This is so incredibly easy to use as well. I was worried that at only £15 it would be a case of cheap tat, but it's very robust - the blades haven't faltered once - and again, super easy. Just put your fruit or whatever you choose in the cup. Put on the lid (with the blades) and put on, turn on and voila. You can also push down to increase the liquid consistency. 

I actually couldn't champion this enough. It's really encouraged me to make a smoothie everyday since I've had it and they reduce the fruit enough so I'm not gagging on bits and pieces. It's perfect for me and I couldn't be happier with it.

I found it here on Amazon in case you'd like to know more or read more reviews. I will be doing a post soon with my five favourite smoothies to make as well so if there's any you'd like me to try just pop them in the comments below!

What smoothies would you recommend for me to try?


  1. This looks good I've been looking for a juicer myself I want to make green smoothies.
    £15 is a total bargain.

  2. Looks so good for the price! Amazing will have to see if I can grab it in Aus! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark


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