17 January 2015

The Beauty Post | Pamper Box

January is a bit ridiculous for birthdays for me. It's two of my best friends birthdays 4 days apart - so thanks guys, very considerate to my bank balance! Luckily we usually have budgets so it's not too bad and this year we seemed to team up on pressies. They got me a beaut butterfly Pandora ring for my birthday in November. For one of them, Amber, we decided to create a pamper box for her. She's recently moved into a house that needs a looooot of work doing to it and every hour she isn't working her and her partner are usually doing something house related. So we decided she needed a good excuse to just relaaaaax and what better way to do that then with a pamper box! It's such a good idea and so easy to put together. We had a total budget of £40 and here's what we put in the box...

Firstly let's all oooooh over this gorgeous box - i found it for 75p in Tesco - BARGAIN! Now let's get to the good stuff...

Although not quite as obsessed as me yet she is getting into her candles and no pamper evening is complete without one. We couldn't not get her this one as it has her name right there - AMBER moon! It's a lovely winter fragrance and I'm actually quite tempted to get myself one.

She's always balming her lips or looking after them in some way and I know she's coveted these lip scrubs for a while. Bubblegum is my favourite but I did send a sneaky text asking for her advice on flavours and she said this one so - she got this one!

I've falled head over heels for bath bombs at the moment, and if anyone knows how to do them well it's Lush! I love the design of this one, it's so cute and not only that but Ambs has always been a lover of purple - so what better bomb to get her than one that turns your bath purple?

I've never actually tried one of these before but I LOVE the idea of one of these and this strawberry one is incredibly cute and oh my god it smells bloody amazing.

Every girl should own one of these. She was fascinated with my one of these when I first got it so we decided to pop on in. Not entierly sure if she already has one or not BUT you can always do with a spare!

She does like doing her nails but with all girls, hates how long they take to dry. Voila! I've spoken to her about the magic of this before but she refused to pay £9 for it (fair enough) so we got it for her, it's utter magic, I promise.

As long as I can remember she's loved Hand Food so a handbag sized version was always going to go down well.

This is my personal favourite S&G fragrance - and my absolute favourite body cream. She's smelt it before and loved it and I cannot recommend this stuff enough. This is a 50ml version so a mini size but good to test to see if you like it.

I really hope she does like the scent of this stuff now... Teamed with the buttercream they do make the perfect body duo.

I now feel like we should have gotten something else to make it an even 10... Hmm. Oh well :( She seemed to love this box and I think it's such a nice idea as well. I'd love a little pamper box for a gift.

What would you put in your pamper box?


  1. I love the scent of sugar crush, sooo yummy!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Wow this looks like a lovely box to receive, your friend is a lucky girl.


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