27 January 2015

The Beauty Post | SEVENTEEN Gel Colour

I do love a little drug store magical purchase. I bought one of these to go in a Christmas game and ended up winning it myself. After trying it out I was utterly amazing at the quality of this budget product, so I went out and got two more colours...

Let me introduce SEVENTEEN Gel Colour's in (t-b) Backcurrent Bomb, Mocha-tini and Azure Amore. At just £3.99 each (or 2 for £6 in Boots as we speak) these little gel colours are, I think, the best drug store gel formulations I've tried so far. They have wide brushes which make it 10x easier to apply. they dry quickly. and the colours are instantly opaque so you only really need two coats (and your trusty top coat). I've had many compliments about how shiny my nails are and also how long lasting these are. They tend to last for about 10 days before you see any significant wear and tear which is incredible to me.

I adore these. I'm finding it hard to pick a favourite colour - Backcurrent Bomb is perfect for our current winter weather, however Azure Amore instantly cheers me up when I'm wearing it. There is quite a wide range of colours to choose from with these - ranging from the autumn/winter to spring/summer spectrum. I'm highly impressed and SEVENTEEN are crawling up my list of favourite drug store brands...

What's your favourite drug store gel formula?

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