3 January 2015

The Life Post | My 2015

Happy new year everyone - welcome to 2015!! 2014 was such a busy and rollercoaster year for me, I'm a little sorry to send the end part of it go - however I am excited for 2015. Last year came with so much pressure in terms of finding a new job and moving out etc and now that's all done it really feels like 2015 can really be a bit of a relaxing year. This just so happens to be my main resolution...

Last year was SO serious, my emotions were all over the place all the time, I was stressed and it just wasn't a fun few months to begin with. So this year my resolution is to just relax and have fun. Enjoy my year! Nothing huge or big is scheduled to happen this year so it's nice to know we have twelve months to really enjoy that fact that we've started our new life together, we can focus on us. That being said I do have a couple of things in mind...

1. Redecorating
Now we've moved in we are planning to decorate... We're so lucky that our house is all white and basically a blank canvas so we can literally do what we want with it. We know what we wanna do in a round about way so that will all be starting very soon and also comes with a new kitchen... nice!

2. 3 Peaks Challenge
In May I am going to be taking part in the 3 peaks challenge for The Princes Trust. I've never done anything like this before but it means training - which will mean improving my fitness which I can't wait to do. I think it will also be the most amazing experience as well. If you fancy donating (cheeky plug) click here and I'll be incredibly grateful!

3. Back into Blogging
Yeah, so I neglected poor little T&M in the last half of last year as I'm sure you're all aware so it's my big mission to get back into it this year, really start to enjoy it again and really find an identity for T&M. If there's anything you've ever really loved about my blog I'd love to know as I will definitely love to do more of what you guys enjoy seeing. I also really enjoy doing videos, however bad I may be at them, so I want to get really into YouTube this year as well!

4. Health and Fitness
Over the past few years this hasn't really been a priority for me and because of this my confidence in terms of appearance has really fallen. This is something I really want to rectify this year and get back into a head space, and health space, of liking how I look again. If you guys can recommend any health blogs/vlogs etc I'd appreciate it!

5. Friendships
I'm one of those people that has a very small group of incredibly close friends as opposed to someone who has loads of different friends. Nothing wrong with the later of course, but where the past couple of years have been so intense and busy I've not been able to commit to some friendships as much as I'd like to... This year is one where I hope to rectify some of that and definitely make up for this.

I guess they aren't really resolutions, just some lifestyle adjustments really! I am really looking forward to this year and to really get stuck into it. If you want to see my progression with fitness and health, or even more to do with the 3 peaks just let me know and I'll do what I can!

I'd love to hear your 2015 resolutions... Pop some below!
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