11 January 2015

The Beauty Post | Commuting Defenses

Commuting in winter is one of the worst things I've ever put my skin through, it's not great. However, two parts of my body really stand out when it comes to dryness at the moment and that would be my hands and my lips. My hands are usually okay but at the moment they are so ridiculously dry I needed to combat it. My lips are usually bad all year around, but this winter they seem to be worse then ever - so much so that my lipstick obsession has had to take a back seat. 

For Christmas "Santa" very kindly put a little Body Shop set in my stocking which had two skin-saving products inside. One's that I would now find incredibly hard to live without. But you know one of the best things? They are an adorable handbag friendly side - on the go defences indeed!

I usually hate handcreams due to the greasy left over residue and the fact that I usually can't touch anything for a good few minutes after application, however this one is so light it absorbs pretty much instantly. I can continue working without any problems and the fragrance is subtle enough to go undetected. 
I think this may be a relatively new addition as I've wanted to try their handcreams before but have been put off by the options so I'm so glad they've released a Lisa-friend fragranced one.

Now I'm not a lip balm person, especially ones where I have to use my finger to apply it. Hmm, not my thing. However, this one is so light it doesn't leave a residue on your fingers and is so nourishing it's really surprised me. It does leave a slight tint on the lips which looks very natural, it just makes them look a lot healthier. It's taken me a few days to see a big difference but I'm definitely seeing one.

I am very pleasantly surprised by these products, I wasn't expecting to love them quite as much as I do. I do think £4 for a lip balm is a touch pricey but it does really work so I'd be happy to repurchase. 

What products are saving your dry skin this January?


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  1. Hi Lisa,

    My skin is also suffering from commuting-trauma - three products I would recommend are Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish and Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream (pricier products - but ideal treats or gifts) and Lush's brilliant Ultra Bland cleanser which last for ages and ages and is a total bargain.

    I've written about my daily commuting routine here if you are interested: http://okaycommuter.com/my-commuting-routine-dealing-with-a-two-hour-commute/


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