10 February 2015

The Beauty Post | The Kiss

Last week I popped up a review about my ultimate winter lip saviour, however one of these products has also helped to completely sort my lips out. The other is a hmm product. When I saw Lush had bought out some Valentines bits I was determined to own some, especially the lip scrub. So I popped in and bought some bits - not too many if I'm honest - but I did treat myself to these two little pots of lip goodies.

I generally love these lip scrubs and have been using them for years. I was a bit disappointed in their Christmas Santa Lips one a couple of years ago, so I was dubious about this - shouldn't have been though! This has hundreds and thousands, and little red heart sequins in it as well. Both totally unncessary but it does add to it's cuteness. This one tastes of love hearts (apt for valentines) and is my favourite flavour of these scrubs so far. In general, it's just amazing at removing dry or dead skin, scabs and smoothing my lips out. I couldn't live without these scrubs and The Kiss is no exception.

I've never used a Lush lip gloss before, so I was really excited about using this. However, I have come away being a bit disappointed. I find it quite hard to use, literally it feels really solid and I have to press down really hard to get any product on my finger. Then, when it's on my lips there is very little colour pay off and little gloss pay off. It's very nourishing and I think it's definitely more of a balm then a gloss. This is sat on my shelf at the moment without much use at al.

Lush is a brand I absolutely love and I'm really loving their lip scrub, however I probably won't be buying any of their other glosses as I was disappointed in this. You win some, you loose some!

What are you coveting from Lush's Valentines collection?

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  1. The lip scrub looks soooo cute, i may have to pick it up!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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