23 February 2015

The Beauty Post | Revlon ColorStay Make Up

I went looking for Revlon Nearly Naked and came home with ColorStay, a very highly rated foundation. I was super excited to try this and so eager to nab it that I accidently got the normal to dry skin instead of the oily to combination one. Whoops. Well I gave it a go anyway as I had a few little dry spots and my oily skin was actually behaving so I figured it wouldn't be too bad.

Initially I absolutely loved this. The coverage was lovely, smooth and buildable and I liked the dewy natural finish. It lasted well as well, passing the london commuting test (my current gold standard test) with flying colours. The colour was slightly too dark and a little too yellow toned (I'm a pink toned gal) but otherwise very blendable. I liked it to much I jumped the gun and included it in my January Favourites. 

Since then I've changed my mind slightly. I still think it's a good foundation, however I've found that the foundation keeps sticking to any dry patches that I have - which is a) annoying and b) surprising considering it's a foundation specifically for dry skin...  I've also found that because of this it just isn't lasting as long. 

I really need to learn with bases to give it a few weeks before I pass judgement. I always seem to jump the gun. Bad blogger. Anyway, while I think this has the potential to be a great foundation it just isn't working for me anymore. I'm wondering if I tried the oily/combination version that I'd feel differently but I'm not sure.

What drugstore foundation would you recommend?

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