2 February 2015

The Health Post | The Hairy Dieters

These are definitely my favourite recipe books to use at the moment as they have some amazing recipes in here, that are all fab for that new year diet. I like with a really fussy boyfriend who hates healthy things so it's so hard for me to find a compromise for both of us, however The Hairy Dieters books are incredible. They basically show you how you can still eat all the great meals you love, but make small changes to help you lose that weight.

My favourite out of the three is probably Eat For Life and I've done more meals out of this than the other two. One of my favourites is the Taglietelli Carbonara, and also their Pan Haggety which the boyfriend loves as well.

If you're on a healthy eating spree and really struggle with your evening meals then I would definitely recommend these books. I think they are amazing and most meals are under 400 caleries - if you follow the recipes exactly. I got all of mine off amazon and you can find them here:

What's your favourite diet recipe book?

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  1. I love the Hairy Bikers,
    When you're not on a diet the Asian cookbook they released is really good but not very waistband friendly :)


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