5 February 2015

The Beauty Post | My Winter Lip Saviour

My lips were a frigging mess for most of January, scabby, dry, bitten beyond belief and they just looked awful. I had tried a few different balms and nothing seemed to really work. I had seen the Nuxe Reve De Miel on a few blogs and I was always tempted but put off by the price tag. £9.50 always seems like a lot for a balm but seeing as nothing else worked I decided to finally cave and purchase this little pot.

I don't usually like to to review something so soon after I purchase, but this has completely won me over. In less than a week my lips have done a complete 180. I used this in the morning after a lip scrub, before make up, and just before I go to bed. My lips feel fuller, plumper, softer and smoother and I can finally wear bold coloured lipsticks again without having to worry about the texture coming through.

I use my Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter during the day if needed, or if I'm wearing my Benefit PosieBalm I top that up, and that seems to work for the interim day - but because of the high price this is staying firmly by my bed side.

What's your winter lip saviour?

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  1. I love this NUXE offering too! I love to use it in the morning, it leaves my lips feeling so soft & smooth not to mention nourished. Its been a Winter lip saviour for me too. I love the packaging your's came in, very cute


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