22 May 2015

The Dupe | Kiehl's Micro Blur Skin Perfector v The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

You guys know I am loyal and loving to my Kiehl's Micro Blur Skin Perfector - the ultimate long wearing, mattifying primer as far as I'm concerned. I've repurchased it a few times and it's been on many a video/favourites/features on my blog. However, I've been looking for a good dupe for a while now to save me some pennies. But have I found the perfect dupe?

For a while now I've wanted to try The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser for a while now as I've heard it's a great primer for oily skin. Well, tick one for my criteria definitely. However, I'm not a huge fan of the tea tree scent and I wasn't sure how well it would hold up timewise, or even it would smooth as nicely. When you put the two formulas next to each other they couldn't look more different. The Kiehl's offering is a skin toned and quite thick, whereas The Body Shop offering is a pale green and slightly more viscous. However, when you rub them in they behave in an identical way and they seem to feel identical as well - I would just say that The Body Shop one felt slightly more silicone-y, but not too much of an issue for me. For an entire week I had one side of my face primed with the Kiehl's offering, and the other with The Body Shop alternative. So let's see how they compared...

The main thing I've always loved about the Kiehl's offering if how long it glues your make up to your face. It was what drew me to it and what kept me repurchasing more than anything, therefore The Body Shop offering had big shoes to fill. The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser actually holds up pretty darn well. It passed the long commuting test with flying colours, keeping my make up in place and holding it. The only way I could really judge this was removing my make up. The side of my face that had the Kiehls' primer had a touch more make up on the pad than the other side, so at a pinch I would say the Kiehl's lasts a touch longer - but it really isn't a noticable difference.
Winner: Kiehl's Micro Blur Skin Perfector

This is one part of the Kiehl's primer I wasn't 100% on and definitely one of the reasons I was looking for a dupe. While the Kiehl's offering is good and prepping the skin for make up, it does smooth the canvas, however one thing it doesn't quite do is smooth over some dehydrated areas (yes nose - I'm talking about you). The Body Shop offering is great at this. It refines the pores and reduces the appearance of them which is great. Not only that but it does really smooth the skin and the little dehydrated patches that make up clings to normally - nope, All smoothed over. 
Winner: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

As you all know oily skin is definitely something I suffer with, therefore refining primers are usually the best for me. It helps to mattify the skin and keep oil away which is exactly what I need. The Kiehl's offering helps to keep my skin looking matt, yet natural which I love and this was something I knew I'd struggle to find in a dupe. However, The Body Shop offering does this as well and keep oil away for a great amount of time. Both of these primers are amazing at keeping oil away and I really struggled to pick a winner, however with The Body Shop's offer has a slight edge - where it fills in your pores it helps just that little bit more at helping keep me matt.
Winner: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

There you have it. I have finally found the perfect dupe for my favourite primer. I still reach for both, personally I prefer the feel of the Kiehl's primer, however The Body Shop offering is an amazing primer.

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