20 May 2015

The Wedding Post | Wedding Apps

Oh yes, in such a digital age there was of course going to be some wedding apps. A wedding is such a daunting thing to plan and there is so much to do. For example, did you know you're supposed to take out insurance? No, me neither. Should probably do that. I have found some apps have been great at giving knowledge but also inspiration.
I'm going to preempt this by saying no, I have not tried every single wedding app there is known to man. I have a day job. However, I have found a few that I've found useful and would definitely recommend to others that are in the same early planning stages as me.

1. WedHappy
This app is all about planning and was the first one I really started using. It is more US based I've found, however it gives a really good basis and idea of when you should be booking what. You pop in your date, it gives you your countdown, but also a list of tasks you need to complete and by what day. It also gives you the option of putting in your supplier details so it's all in one place. I have the free version - there is a paid premium version where you can invite your fiance to plan with you and also lots of other features, however I'm happy with my little free version.

2. Pinterest
It was going to be here somewhere. Not going to lie, since getting engaged I have become OBSESSED with pinterest. Literally, obsessed. I have a few different wedding themed boards which I will probably share with you all very soon a long with a mass gushing post about how wondering pinterest is for wedding inspiration. Small preview: it is amazing. I've managed to get so many ideas for invites, themes, flowers, hair from pinterest and it also has boards of tips for guest lists, timing and etiquette. Probably my most used of all these apps.

3. The Knot LookBook
The Knot is a US based company and they do have a planner app as well - if you're in the US I would highly recommend it however not so helpful for us in the UK. The LookBook is an app filled with outfit and accessory ideas for brides, bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls and rings and it's been great for me to look and decide what I like and what I don't like so this is another great app for inspiration and ideas.

4. Guides for Brides Planner
This is another planner which is great at when to do different things like book vendors or filling in different tasks. This is a UK version of this kind of app so it's probably a lot more relevant than WedHappy - however WedHappy does look a bit nicer. Again it gives you the option of filling in your vendor details and tick off your tasks. What I do like about this is each task has subtasks as well which is so useful and I really like that aspect.

I would definitely grab some apps just for inspiration or a little more information as I've found these really helpful. Obviously this isn't every single app available but these are ones I've foud helpful and use on a regular basis.

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