13 May 2015

The Wedding Post | Will you be my bridesmaid?

Picking people to stand up with you can be really difficult. However, I'm lucky enough to have three incredibly close friends so there wasn't really much of a decision to be made. In fact, they kinda already knew... There are so many different ways to ask them now - you could call, email or go out to dinner. I wanted to do something a little bit special and different so they got a little gift bag with some goodies....

This one is obviously only for the Maid of Honor (Chief Bridesmaid/Matron of Honor - whatever you decide to call her). Basically your absolute best friend. This is basically just a little handbook for the maid of honor about what she is responsible for coming up to the big day, what she can help with and just little tips etc. A cute little special gift just for her.


I was toying with the idea of candles for a while and when I saw these on notonthehighstreet.com I knew I had to get these. I just want to also say how amazing this company was. They accidently sent me the wrong initial and I had the right one within 24 hours with no expectation of returning the other one. Such good customer service and the candles smell amazing. Such a cute little extra touch!

I couldn't actually find the exact one online so I've linked up a similar one. Due to the last present (will explain in a mo) I wanted to put a photo of me and that bridesmaid in a frame - one that meant something to us. This particular one is of my oldest friend on our last day of school together so it has some amazing memories attached to it. I think it's a cute idea and at the end of the day you want them to be your bridesmaid for their connection to you.

I adore this gift. I got 2 bridesmaid ones, and one maid of honor one, and I asked for all the pages inside to be blank. I've then filled these books with photos and memories of our friendship together. Oh yes, I scrapbooked and it took me HOURS! (really - ask my fiance, hours). I love these and wish I had one to keep for myself, but I just thought these were the cutest, most perfect gifts for my besties. So much so I'm not even going to put alternatives...

I did a LOT of searching online for little bits and pieces and found SO MUCH STUFF. Literally, was incredibly overwhelming. My favourite places to look - the ones I'd recommend - are:
  • Etsy: There are some really unique gifts here and I could have bought so many things. I will definitely be coming back for thank you gifts but this was my number one stop.
  • Not on the High Street: They have an entire section dedicated to be my bridesmaid gifts and I spent HOURS on here, really. Definitely a great place for unique ideas.
I felt very overwhelmed like I said before, so I had to sit myself down and come up with three main guidelines to follow....
  1. Pick a budget and stick to it. 
    They won't be expecting anything really, so don't plan on spending a fortune. You do have a wedding to pay for after all...
  2. How will you give it to them
    We'd had a dinner planned so I couldn't very well come in with massive plaques or heavy bags. So I picked the number of things I wanted and kept this in mind...
  3. Keep it personal
    Picking your bridesmaid is a personal thing, so the gifts should be too. I stuck to photos, initials and personalised pieces to make sure it meant as much to them as it does to me.
This was quite a long post... Planning a wedding and all those other bits is really hard work and it's keeping me so busy. Feeling overwhelmed is a constant state at the moment so sharing things on T&M could help someone else is my position, or at least help me keep a momento of the entire process. I hope you guys enjoy coming on the journey with me!

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