15 May 2015

The How To | Stepping Aware from Liquid Liners

As you may know I'm a bit of a winged liner fan, I don't feel quite myself without that little solid black flick at the end of my eyes. However, one thing I know from experience is that liquid liners don't tend to fair brilliantly if hot weather and with summer coming up I thought I'd try some alternatives...

I went into our local drugstore and picked up three pencil/kohl liners that I'd heard good reviews about before and decided to give them a whirl. 

The Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Eyeliner was made to blend in my opinion. The pencil itself is super soft and buttery which makes it a dream to blend out with a brush, or if you simple want to smudge it. It blends very easily with eyeshadow's and I loved the look of this blended out with a bronze shadow. I wouldn't use this as a plain black liner as it does transfer and left alone it will tend to smudge by itself anyway. 

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner lasts all the live long day without transferring or smudging. It's a very versatile product as you can blend it out for a softer, smokey look, or you can leave it as a lined eye and either are easy to do with this. It's not quite as blendable as the Maybelline Master Drama, but it's still a godden. As a kohl liner it's still soft to apply, however as it's waterproof one it's on, it is staying on. You have to blend it quickly if you want that look or you'll be stuck with it as is.

So I know it as the L'Oreal Super Liner Mat-Matic, however it is also know was the GelMatic as well (confusing). This one is probably the easiest one to use thanks to its precision tip, but it's also the smoothest application thanks to the gel formulation. It is very long lasting and is definitely the one most suited towards a single lined eye (not one for smudging out... TRUST me). It's probably the blackest of the three as well as it gives a great even solid black line which I like.

If you want to know about some more drugstore liners then check out Fleur de Force's video here which gives her top ten eyeliners under £10 (very useful). I think I'm definitely still a liquid liner kinda gal, however, these three are slowly encouraging me to change my ways... 

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