9 December 2013

Gift Guide | Christmas Best Friend

So, I've been a bit quiet this past week. I've had a couple of really hectic weeks but I'm back this week with a series of gift guides leading up to the festive season and then back next week with a whole load of reviews! So let's get started...

So me and my bff Amber don't actually do Christmas presents. My birthday is in November and hers is January so it's just a bit hectic and too much weight on money issues. However, one day (when we win the lottery) we will do this so here are some of my picks for gifts for your bff.

I got this for my birthday and I love it. I loved Lauren in The Hills and this book is full of all of her little tips and tricks with beauty. It contains some amazing techniques actually and it's a lot better than I thought it could be. It exceeded my expectations and I think every girl should have a book like this.

Accessorize do some extremely pretty and wearable friendship bracelets. I got some for my birthday (again) but these ones are gorgeous. Some lovely colours and flowers are just a no brainer. What better gift to give then friendship bracelets to a great friend!

I love cute little phone cases. They are super sweet and owls are everywhere at the moment. I'm falling for everything owl so it would be my first choice. A bit kooky but one for everyone I believe. Most cases are for iphones and luckily that is exactly the phone my bestie has.

Topshop have some really great gift sets at the moment and my personal favourite is the smokey eye kit. It comes in both brown and black, I've chosen the brown one here as it's more subtle and has some very pretty shades in the eyeshadow palette.

How cute is this? You can choose what colour background you have and you also put your own friendship definition at the bottom as well, making it more personal to you and your friend. This is definitely one to tug on the heart strings and I love it.

A best friend is definitely not someone you should take for granted. Show them you care this Christmas. I may not be doing pressies with mine but we are going for lunch on Christmas Eve - her idea as she knows that's a hard day to stay at home for me (long story). A best friend is for life, mine certainly is anyway!

What are you buying your best friend for Christmas?


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