16 December 2013

Gift Guide | Christmas Daddy

Carrying on with my little gift guide series we have the gifts for your Dad. If you're Dad is like mine he is pretty impossible to buy for. Men! Not easy, but here are a couple of fool proof ideas to take you through the festive season.

A recent brand for me, however I've since been told Seth from the OC wore this all the time. Now I love it! Really cool designs and great quality as well I would highly recommend a browse. We have an outlet shop near us and Dad received a couple of discounted tees for his birthday last Friday and loved them.

Most men love Ted Baker. They do professional style goodies and lets face it - you can never go wrong with some funky socks! These are presented in a lovely little gift box and come in lots of different designs. A great brand for the older gentleman.

Dad came home the other day to me watchig this and immediately sat down and starting singing along. It's one of his favourites, and one we've had on video but never gone over to DVD. It's the same with most classic older films so jump on Amazon and track down his fave.

Again, most men love Paul Smith. My Dad included. They do some really funky, signature designs and who can go wrong with a good quality notebook for work. It's a necessity for any professional man or if they just like a bit of a funky pattern.

Men always need another set of cufflinks so why not give them something a little bit special. Give them some initial cufflinks, personal but simple. You can choose the font and the letters you want and it's really not breaking the bank.

Hope this helps for the Dad, it's getting so close now - just over a week away! I hope you're enjoying the run up as much as I am.

What are you getting your Dad for Christmas?

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