18 December 2013

The Review | Santa's Lip Scrub

This is definitely the most perfect Secret Santa gift of all time. It just screams it! Well, if you're buying for a girl anyway, not sure how much the boys will appreciate this. I will admit I actually bought this for my Secret Santa, then decided I wanted it for myself so got my SS something else so I could treat me. Whoops!

I have the Bubblegum version of this Lip Scrub and use it religiously. I get very dry lips, and I bite them as well which doesn't help, so I need all the help I can get. This isn't as coarse as the Bubblegum version, so basically it doesn't have as big bits for those with confused faces. It's a lot smoother so I've found it's better for everyday use rather than a proper scrub. It tastes of those cola bottle sweets (yum!) and is the same as the others, you can lick them straight off after use. I also love the little hearts on the top. Obviously after use they are gone but such a sweet little extra.

Stocking filler or Secret Santa, this is the perfect mini gift this Christmas. You can find the Santa's Lip Scrub in Lush stores and online here for £5.50.

What's keeping your lips supple this winter?



  1. I have the bubble gum lip scrub too and i love it! I will definitely try this next :)

  2. Will have to try this out, I also have very dry lips that I'm constantly biting! xxx


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