31 December 2013

The Life Post | Christmas Round Up

So yes, New Years Eve is here which means Christmas is officially over. Boo! I always feel like post holiday blues when this day comes around. Then I remember it's NYE and I'm meant to be happy. Tonight I will be spending the evening with Adam, Amber and her boyfriend Sam. I'm sure there will be pictures to show, so until then I wanted to post about my lovely Christmas.

The Friday before Christmas I headed around Amber's for her Mum's Christmas party. A lot of wine was consumed, unfortunately not enough food which made for some interesting moments. One of my favourites being teaching the other ladies at the party our routines for Zumba. Interesting...

Christmas day was very chilled, as was Boxing Day. Mum was desperate for a Christmas jumper photo as well with the whole family so here you go. Enjoy!

Then on the 27th we had an annual Christmas dinner with friends, a really lovely evening with good food, good friends, and good old fashioned drawing games... GIRLS TEAM WON!

I hope your Christmas was as good as mine, and have an amazing New Year!

What's your New Years plans?

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