10 December 2013

Gift Guide | Christmas Boyfriend

I know a lot of couples that go all out for Christmas, spending hundreds. Me and Adam always tend to spend a lot less. Both our birthdays are in November, as is our anniversary so it's a bit of a strain money wise so we try to keep costs down. But here are some great gift ideas for anyones budget!

I haven't met a guy yet that doesn't love this series. Me and Adam watch it religiously when it comes out and I've already bought him both series so I would definitely recommend popping this in his stocking. Just be warned - it's not for the faint hearted!

Boys can never have enough scarfs. Let's face it, they are always loosing them. A simple warm scarf is definitely the way to go, and navy is one of the easiest colours to style for a guy - I know it goes with most of Adam's wardrobe anyway!

As with yesterday's guide, a phone case is a nice easy present to get. A lovely little stocking filler/tree present and is usually really easy to find one that suits your guy. In my case a pokeball design. Maybe the most manly of pokemon cases available!

I love Diesel's scents and this is one of my favourites, a gift set is always handy when it comes to fragrances and it's always a nice gift. This is a smaller version, I'm usually inundated with fragrance gift sets so a smaller one is perfect for giving a new scent a try.

I've bought Adam a couple of these over the years. Definitely a great present, simple, yet so useful and very comfy when you accidentally steal them! They are very durable and hello, Calvin Klein?! What guy is ever really going to say no to CK.

Guys are traditionally very hard work to buy for. I'm quite lucky that Adam is usually quite easy, maybe because I know him so well now, but still. I wish anyone luck for buying for a guy so I hope my little list has helped!

What do you suggest for your boyfriend?

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