7 December 2015

Beauty | Baylis & Harding Christmas Gift Guide

Well would you look at that, it's December and I well into my advent calendars. Christmas can be stressful, mainly thinking about what to get people.. So hopefully if you're looking for Secret Santa's, or girly friends this little Baylis & Harding Gift Guide will put some ideas into your head. 

This is the perfect Secret Santa or stocking gift. It's incredibly cute, a complete novelty and very affordable. It looks adorable sat on the side of my bathtub I have to say... In this little tub you get three small gifts, 50ml Cashmere & Strawberry Shower Cream, 30ml Velvet Rose & Lace Body Butter, and (my personal favourite) 15ml White Diamonds & Vanilla Lip Butter. This one comes with me everywhere at the moment, it feels so lovely on the lips and considering I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla, it doesn't bother me. The other two are lovely little travel products that smell lovely. It is really a beaut of a little Christmas gift.

Visually, this is my favourite of the bunch and although nothing is left sat in the tin, I am definitely keeping it for decoration - or as I'm going to use it, cookie container. Inside the cutest Christmas tin ever you get 300ml Spiced Orange Body Wash, 130ml Plum Pudding Shower Creme, and 130ml Toasted Marshmellow Body Lotion. I love all three of these products completely - the scents are more than enough to win me over, but as with all Baylis & Harding products the quality of the products are fantastic. It's also still quite an affordable gift for a friend, and is currently on offer in Debenhams. You're welcome...

I fell in love with the idea of this gift. I love crackers, I really do, so when I saw these I fell a little bit in love. So much so I've put off opening one myself for ages because I didn't want to ruin the Christmas illusion of a cracker. I do love the Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit scent that Baylis & Harding do, I wouldn't have said it was an overly Christmas one, but I do love it. The gifts you get in here is the Glitter Body Wash, and Shimmer Shower Creme. Really cute gifts, useful ones, and ever so cute. Yes, I said cute twice.

This was probably my favourite of all the gifts I got through to look at. It's such a good idea for a gift, and the slippers are super cute and ridiculously soft. With the slippers you also get White Diamond and Vanilla Foot Lotion, and Cashmere and Strawberry Foot Soak Crystals. My feet can always do with a little pamper as I'm in heels all day every day, so these were much needed and perfect - I love them. The slippers disappointed a little, but only because they were too small for me, but that's not their fault! Just get slippers that fit.

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas for Christmas gifts, from small budgets up - but the great thing about Baylis & Harding is it's all affordable. I would highly recommend all of these. 

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