9 December 2015

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I have a bit of a thing about advent calendars, I absolutely love them, and until this year I had only ever had chocolate ones. This year however was different. Not only did I get the traditional Lindt calendars which is proudly stationed on my desk, I also got a lovely Benefit one that sings to me and this beaut.

Like most girls I do love a good candle, and I've been coveting my Mum's advent calendar for the past few years, so when I got one for my birthday I was so please. The Yankee Candle advent calendar is amazing. It gives 24 tea lights of 6 of the different Christmas scents of the year, with one votive on the 25th. So far I am loving the scents - Spiced Orange is probably my favourite so far. The good thing about having tea lights is that you can burn one in an evening so you're ready to go for your next one the next day. 

If you can't get hold of one now, definitely pick one up next year. It looks great as an extra Christmas decoration as well. Parfait!


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