6 December 2015

Life | Fleur de Force Glam Guide Review

There are so many blogger books out there, and one day I will do a full round up. However, there's one I've recently been given that I have fallen somewhat in love with and would highly recommend to anyone who is just looking for a book around beauty tips, fashion guides and lifestyle guru moments.

In terms of YouTube and blogs, there are other channels and blogs I do prefer, however I do value Fleur's advice on beauty and I do admire her style. So when I saw she was launching her own book, The Glam Guide, I wanted to at least look at what was going to be included into it. When I saw it was a mix of beauty, fashion, life and food I did think back to Tanya Burr's Love Tanya - which I do love - but I was also intrigued. So it went on my birthday list, and soon it was on my book shelf.

It is very much like Tanya's version, but there are parts of Fleur's book that I do prefer. I absolutely love the hair style section, I have long hair and I can get in a rut with it, but this section really helped to mix it up and I'm totally in love with how easy the triple brain is to do and also how awesome it looks. I also love her style section, one part about key pieces to style around which is awesome, and especially about making high street looking high end. Not all of us will ever be able to afford high end so it's a great chapter to get acquainted with. 

It is a great coffee table book, and if you're just getting into make up, style or even health then it's definitely one to pop on your Christmas list.

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