20 December 2015

Life | Christmas Mementos

I don't think I've ever had a themed Christmas growing up, no colour scheme, not party themes, nothing. One thing we've always had though is meaningful decorations, and this is something I'm bringing into my own home. Completely and forever.

I have nothing against themed Christmas decorations, or sticking to a particular scheme. Each to their own, however ever since I was little and I've helped my Mum decorate the tree, the ornaments I've always been most excited about putting out and hanging up are the ones that mean the most to me and my family. For me, that's what Christmas is all about. So I thought I would share some of my most meaningful ones currently in my house with you today. 

I have so many still at my Mum's as well that mean a lot, but I did take a couple with me when I left. The first of which is the cute little mice pair. I used to put these in my room at my parents every Christmas and for a long time I knew they were special but couldn't quite remember why. But it turns out my parents bought them for themselves their first Christmas in their first home. So they have such a special place in my heart. If anything I see them as a good omen for me and Adam!

That gorgeous bear is a very old one, and also very heavy so I have to be really careful where I put him each year. I remember every Christmas when we were younger we'd get to choose an ornament, and honestly this is the only one I ever really remember picking. My younger brother chose a soldier, and my older brother picked this weird ruby thing. For me it just reminds me of my childhood. The weird looking ginger cat is definitely a cat - but it's also George for us. It's a family thing for us that whenever a pet passes away we always get an ornament that represents them to put on our tree. All of our family ones are on my parents tree and they're always the first ones to go up. Unfortunately poor little George got run over in June, and my Mum spent ages trying to find a little ginger cat ornament for our tree for weeks. She finally found this one in Anthropology, and he was first up this year. He did like to climb the tree last year after all!

Tigger is amazing, and honestly I'm surprised my Mum let me take him with me when I moved out. He came all the way from the Christmas shop in Disneyland Florida when I was 15... so 11 years ago now (feeling old..). Tigger was always my favourite so I picked him out in the shop quite quickly and he's been hanging off our tree ever since. My Dad did actually break him one year (evil Dad) so he get's treated very gently. But he just reminds of what an amazing holiday we had there. And how much I love Tigger. 

The last two are baubles and I love them both for different reasons. The first, large red bauble Adam chose last year. We've said that each year we'll choose a new ornament each, and this was his first choice for our first Christmas. For me, because he chose it, it actually means more than my choice. The second ornament was from his Mum a few years ago, and I just loved it because it has my name! But also for me it's so lovely to think that so many years has passed and I can now put it on my own tree, and that she had faith we would get to that point eventually. 

What's your favourite Christmas ornaments?


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