24 August 2015

The Favourites | Budget Nude Lipsticks

I go through phases with lip shades, I do love a good bright lip, but sometimes a nude lipstick is the only accessory you need. At the moment as much as I love a good bright, I've been reaching for a nude every day and I love it.

If you know me, you know I do love a good lip product, any colour really, doesn't matter too much. Finding an amazing nude lipstick recently has reignited my love for nudes, my lip but betters and just those with a hint to them. These five are definitely top of my budget list right now. (in order of swatches above...)

This one is great as it has a subtle mauve tint to it which makes it a bit different that the usual nudes. It's a great autumn/winter nude for sure. I wouldn't say go for this is you're quite pale as it can be a touch draining, but otherwise it should be great. It's a matte formula that's super long lasting, I would highly recommend this lipstick range in general.

I love the Revlon ColorBurst lip crayons, the formulas are amazing across all finishes, and the colours are awesome. The matte formula in elusive is the perfect match for my lips, with a slightly more yellow than my usual tones but I do really like this. It gives an even colour distribution across the lips, long lasting and is great as an every day shade.

The is the most sheer of the collection, and also the cheapest of the bunch. Also, in really old packaging (opps). This is a great natural nude, more warm toned than a couple of the others and matches my skin tone perfectly. It's incredibly nourishing, and for a glossy formula it's longer lasting than expected.

This is the product that reignited my love for nudes. I absolutely adore this shade. There's a slight hint of mauve very subtle, but this is probably the most nude of all of my nudes. It's a velvet finish, so not 100% matte, which I really like. It lasts all day, really well (I do love the Kate Moss lip products) and is probably my favourite of all of them.

Another Rimmel product, another winner. This one is more pink toned, and is probably the most pigmented out of all of these. It's not as natural or nude, but it is still more than inclined than any other lip colour group I would say. The longest lasting out of the bunch, and also one of the glossier finishes. It's great for a heavy duty day/night.

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