18 August 2015

The Review | Joan Collins "I Am Woman"

I'm going to be the first to hold up my hands and say I am not an expert in fragrances, however, I do have a few choice favourites and I can definitely appreciate a great little find. I have some I use for summer, and some for winter, and the winter ones are where I'm lacking so I was really happy when this beauty fell in my lap. 
Joan Collins recently released her first fragrance to her Timeless Beauty cosmetics range, I Am Woman*. This is definitely a timeless fragrance, the notes are very classic and I think would transition across all seasons and all trends. This is an unusual one fr me personally as I'm definitely more of a light floral gal, however this one has a smokey woody vibe to it that definitely screams more woman than young girl - and I like it. Am I growing up?!

The fragrance itself has citrus top notes, which has a nice layer to the fragrance, it has a musk and wood base, with floral scents at its hearth. I think all three work well together, more than I was expecting, and this for me is definitely going to be in the autumn perfume section of my collection. Also, can we just swoon at how glam the bottle is...? Swooooooon.

In total this cost me around 50 euros, which is the equivilent to around £35. However, buying these four pieces in the UK would have set me back £65... almost double the price. Scooooore. I have to say, I definitely want to find some more Nuxe products to try though so please leave any recommendations below!
Until next time, Lisa May xo
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