20 August 2015

The Review | Bourjois Aqua Blush

I'm really into blushes at the moment, I'm not sure HOW it suddenly happened. One minute I really wasn't bothered, and then suddenly BAM - give me all the blushes in the world. Oh yeah, hello blushes. For me summer blushes are all about creams, so when Bourjois bought out these little beauties I was right there.

To be honest, I was a bit confused - you pump your blusher out of a tube? Waaah. But yeah, I went for it anyway and I'm so happy I did. The Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr come in four shades, I have two of them and will undoubtable increase that fairly soon. I have Cocori Corail, and Pink Twice, both great summer colours, and next on my list is Berry Nice.

The formula is great, especially for this time of year. I do half a pump into my fingers, and then apply to the apples and up the cheek bone. It applies so easily, blends beautifully and has a very natural finish. The colours look quite scary when they pump out, however just wait til it blends - just waaaait. I've been using them all holiday, and they're water resistant and so long lasting. It doesn't melt off in the heat, it lasts all day and really does just give a nice flushed look.

It takes a lot for me to really fall head over heels for a product, but these - they have me hook, line and sinker.

Until next time, Lisa May xo
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