16 August 2015

The Blogger Post | T&M Rejuvinated

I've been contemplating my blog and it's future over the past couple of weeks. Not so much as to whether or not I'll quit, I don't think that will ever happen, but more where I go from here. So this is a cheers to the start of a newer, more focused T&M.

When I first started all I would do would be to blog about beauty and style. Somewhere along the way I lost a lot of the style, and added in a lot of random other bits such as life, recipes, videos and more recently weddings. T&M had become, in my opinion, a bit of a jumbled mess of content. At the beginning of this year I rebranded T&M and I do love the layout so I don't want to change that, however, the content is a whole other matter. I want to go back to my blogging routes - when I enjoyed it the most - and that is with beauty. 

Beauty has been the constant for the past three+ years, and for me they're the posts I get the most excited about. I love discovering new products, trying them out, find dupes, playing and experimenting. So why shouldn't I focus on what I love most? Seems a bit obvious when you say it now, but somewhere along the way I think T&M got a touch lost. So from now on, no more recipes, no more wedding, no more style (unless it's integral to the beauty content) and no more life. Well, the posts with have a touch of life written in them, but this will not be a life blog.

My biggest decision came, I think, with YouTube. I've toyed with YouTube before, and at the beginning of this year I really got into it. I do really enjoy making videos, watching them, and editing them. I did consider potentially giving them up, but for me it would be a shame as I do really like them. However, it will be a beauty channel. Therefore, no more fashion hauls or life Q&A's. Think beauty hauls, make up looks, favourites and features.

Most of my followers and readers came through when I was a beauty blog, when beauty was my focus, and for me, that tells me that beauty is what T&M should be about. It's what I want T&M to be about. Yes, it's a massively competitive market on the blogger front, however, I'm not doing this to carve myself a career. I have a job, I'm doing this because it's my outlet, my hobby, and more than anything else I really enjoy doing it.

Until next time, Lisa May xo
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  1. It's so easy to get lost in a jumble when it comes to content! I'm glad you've figured out what you want from your little space Lisa! xx

    Sarah | More Than Adored


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