19 August 2015

The Haul | French Pharmacie Finds

Have I mentioned that I went on holiday? I have, opps, sorry! Well I went to France and found a little pharmacie - I got very excited and decided to go in and have a little look and spend some of my hard earned pennies (in this case... euro's). I dragged Adam in with me, he didn't quite appreciate it as much as me. Men... I thought I would show you guys what I picked up!

I was tempted to pick up some Bioderma Micellar, and some Serozinc, however, I didn't really need either so I left it for the meantime. Instead I decided to try and get things I've never tried before, and something I ALWAYS pick up when I go to France. 

I spent a little while looking over the Bioderma section, desperate to leave with something, and I ended up picking up the Bioderma Sebium Mat, Moisturising Mattifying Fluid. I do love me a good mattifying moisturiser at the moment and I've had my eye on this one for a little while. I love the packaging, very simple and matt, and so far I really like the product itself. Still early days But I've been using it since the tail end of my holiday and my face still feels hydrated, yet not too oily.

I then spent a LOT of time in the Nuxe section, and I have to say I've started a little love affair with Nuxe. I want eeeeeverything. I picked up two products, the first being their Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals, a small and compact micellar solution, that smells nice but is also amaaazing. I'm using it as my eye make up remover as it's a touch pricey for everyday all day stuff, but as an eye make up remover it's incredible, so far so good. I also picked up the Nuxe Daily Defense Moisturising and Beautifying Tinted Cream, in a light shade, which was advertised as "new" in the pharmacie. I'm not a huge fan of alphabet creams in general, give me a normal tinted moisturiser any day, but I really wanted to give this a go. So far, I do like the finish and the feel, I think the light shade is a touch dark for me which actually works well with my tan at the moment, but I don't know how well it'll work when that starts to fade. Jury is out - but so far I do likey. 

Lastly, I picked up the L'Occitane Shower Oil, something I love picking up when I'm in France as it's cheaper and I can definitely justify it a bit more. I love to use this when I'm shaving, but also when my skin is a bit more sensitive and needs added moisture, it's the perfect addition to my bath/shower routine.

In total this cost me around 50 euros, which is the equivilent to around £35. However, buying these four pieces in the UK would have set me back £65... almost double the price. Scooooore. I have to say, I definitely want to find some more Nuxe products to try though so please leave any recommendations below!
Until next time, Lisa May xo
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