7 March 2015

The Review | Maybelline Color Drama

Before these I hadn't bought any new properly pigmented lip products in a long long time... So these now feel a little bit stupidly special to me (yes, I am a weird one). I saw these on Alix's YouTube and really wanted to give them a go. The Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Pencils are very highly pigmented and boast a ridiculously creamy texture.

I picked up the shades Keep it Classy, a beautiful violet toned pick, and Light It Up, a showstopper hollywood glam red. I adore both shades completely. Keep It Classy is very different from anything else I have in my lipstick collection and it just compliments my skin tone and darker hair so well. Light It Up is definitely one for a statement lip, it's a bright warm toned red that will suit most skin tones. If you want to see how these look on, I wore Keep It Classy in this video, and I wore Light It Up in this video.

I was a bit duibious of these to begin with as I find lip pencils, chubby or thin, to be a bit drying and potentially quite chalky. As these were just £4.99 my expectations weren't too high. However, these are SO nice to apply. Super creamy, but not to heavy, and velvety soft to wear. These are quite possibly my favourite feeling lip products to wear as I just love how nicely they apply and how comforably these sit on the lips.

My one gripe with these would be the lasting time. I find these tend to creep to the outside of my lips after a couple of hours - which makes me look like I'm wearing just lip liner one the outer corners - awkward. I do have to keep checking these and topping them up, which is a shame as otherwise these are beautiful.

What are your favourite high street lip pencils?

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