31 March 2015

The Dupe | Urban Decay Naked 3 v W7 In the Nude

This week on the blog I'm talking all about high end products! To kick off I wanted to talk about a new dupe for one of my favourite high end products. The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is an absolute beauty, it has amazing rose toned nude shades that would suit anyway and it's normally my everyday pick up.

Last week I was browsing Fragrance Direct and I saw an eyeshadow palette that made me do a double take. It looks like Naked 3 reincarnated as a drugstore find. The W7 In the Nude Eye Colour Palette is pretty much an exact replica, from the packaging to the colours and then the name... (Naked/In the Nude - same thing). The only superficial difference I can really point out is a different type of brush. But is it as good? I've compared three major factors for me when it comes to eyeshadows.... Colour & pigentation, quality and lasting power. So let's see which one wins...

I'm just going to say it. The colours are basically identical in the pan. There is roughly the same amount of shimmers and mattes, and they have the same colour gradient going down the pan. Again, they both have the amazing rose toned nude shades that makes the Naked 3 palette so unique. I find it very hard to pick a favourite with the colours because they are SO similar. Basically identical... The different comes with pigmentation. I think the W7 palette JUST tips it for me. My favourite shades on each palette are just a smidge more pigmented in the lower priced product.
Winner: W7 In the Nude

Both palettes are buttery soft on the eyelids. I used the same brush (Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush) to apply these and blend and the same colours in each palette for a fair test. Overall both are easy to apply and get an even finish, however I did find the Naked 3 versions easier to blend and they just had a nicer finish. They seemed to work better with the brush as well. Although the W7 one is more pigmented, it was harder to get an even finish than the Naked 3 colours.
Winner: Urban Decay Naked 3

I've been using the Naked 3 for a year now so I know it's lasting power is pretty impressive. It's passed the London commuting test many times over. I do find that some of the lighter shades fade a little quicker than the darker ones but that's if I'm being super picky. This is the category that the W7 palette lets itself down. The colours really don't have enough staying power for me - two hours tops is probably what you'll get which is a huge shame. 
Winner: Urban Decay Naked 3

In summary, the Naked 3 takes it for me. In terms of price the W7 palette is £5, whereas the Naked 3 palette is £38 - so if you can't justify the pricier version I would recommend picking up the dupe. It is a lovely palette with amazing colours - it is basically identical. I am a massive advocate of dupes for higher end products, however in this instance it is a case of you get what you pay for.


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  1. I have the 'in the buff' pallet which I believe is the naked 1 (or 3) dupe and absolutely love it!! Such a bargain for what you get and I use it all the time <3 Gisforgingers xx


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