24 March 2015

The Life Post | 5 Ways to De-Stress

Stress has literally been my middle name lately. There have been some big changes at work which means I've suddenly acquired a lot more responsibility and a lot more work in a short space of time. I'm not complaining as I believe it's a great opportunity to show what I can do and you should always take opportunities with both hands - however, stress = me. Having said that, I feel like the past couple of weeks I've managed to create a few really good de-stressing activities that really work for me and I wanted to share them with you, cause let's face it, everyone gets stressed at some point or another!

I've recently found baths to be amazing for de-stress (if you remember to lock the cats out of the room). I pop an episode of a TV show on my laptop (currently The Originals), put in a bath bomb and some bubbles and just soak and relax for the entire episode - usually around 40 minutes long. I've found it much more relaxing when I have something to watch as I'm not then just sitting there thinking, I'm involved in the episode and taken away from my stresses. I also make sure I wash my hair BEFORE I get in the bath so I don't have to do any menial stuff over than scrub my body and pop a face/hair mask on.

I'm really enjoying baking at the moment. I find that following a recipe, making sure I'm doing it right, going step by step and making something is a really good way to just relax and take your mind off everything else. I guess it would work the same for if you're crafty as opposed to bakey - you create something and you're so focused on creating that one thing that is so entirely separate from your stresses - that you forget everything else and just zone in on that one task. 

I'm doing the 3 Peaks challenge in May so I needed to do some walking training for that anyway, but I've been joining my parents on their dog walks at the weekend and once during the week as well if I'm working from home. They went away for the week recently and I walked the dogs for them everyday and worked for home for the whole week. That was a god send. If I hadn't had to walk the dogs for a good hour every day then I probably wouldn't have taken a good break. It made me walk away from the laptop screen, chill for an hour, clear my head and then get back to it with renewed enthusiasm and motivation.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and have a hug or a cuddle. This can be from anyway. If I'm working from home I take a walk upstairs to find the cats for a little cuddle and stroke, if I'm in the office I have a very cuddly friend who is always happy to offer a cheer up hug, and in the evening I know I can come home to Adam for a cuddle on the sofa watching some TV. I don't think there's anything more stress relieving or comforting than a really good hug.

Ranting to, that's what. I recently found myself so overwhelmed, I text my best friend a rather long ranty blabbering text message and she knew exactly what to do. She listened, she ranted with me, she was just there for me. A good rant can be REALLY therapeutic - obviously just remember to rant to a suitable person, not your boss... A chilled out evening with the bestie, or a good day off with them, really does just do the trick. Worries melt away and you feel a renewed sense of purpose, then you're ready to start again.

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