6 March 2015

The Life Post | Top 5 YouTubers

As you may know I've really gotten back into the YouTube world this year and I've fallen completely in love with it... Today I am actually off sick from work as I have a ridiculous cold so I've literally been sat watching video after video to make myself feel better. So I thought it would be good to share my favourite 5 youtubers with you...

I've loved Suzie's videos and blog for a long time and she's been my favourite to go to for all beauty recommendations for a long time. Everything I've ever purchased off the back of one of her recommendations I've loved (eg. Kiehls Micro Blur Skin Perfector/Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner) so I know if I really want something new I'll go straight to her channel and see what she's currently loving.

Who doesn't love Estee? She is so lovable and also frigging hilarious, I'd love to be her best friend. Which makes me sound like a stalker... I love the variety of different things you get on her channel and although I always jump to her beauty ones first as she has amazing taste in products, I'm loving her book club at the moment as well. Estee just always makes me smile, which is why I love watching her videos.

I met Corrie at a Benefit event once two years ago and she was lovely. I've always subscribed but I've just really been loving her videos lately. She puts so much work into her editing and you can really tell, it's so amazing and really inspiring if you want to try something different. She is so cute, as is her lovely doggy Frank, and I LOVE her hair! I love her make up recommendations, I love her style... Yeah just love her channel - FYI her Kylie Jenner Tutorial is the best I've seen so far.

The thing I really like about Alix is you can tell she really puts a lot of thought into her videos and they always look so amazingly chic and styled. I think Alix is a Portsmouth girl like myself which is awesome so I feel like I'm supporting the home town! She seems to use and recommend products that I don't actually see anywhere else that I've fallen in love with too (Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Pencils) and I love that. 

Last but not least is super fun Canadian Rachel. I absolutely LOVE her videos. She brings so much energy on camera that you feel like you're full of energy as well, it's great. She's not afraid to say what she thinks about a product although I can't get most of what she recommends in the UK, it's still really interesting to see what she likes from there so I can keep an eye out for it for when it finally hits our shores. I just LOVE her personality. 

I'd love to know who your favourite YouTuber's are - I love the biggies like Zoella and Tanya Burr as well but I wanted to put some that weren't quite so big and hyped up on here. Pop your favourite YouTubers below - don't forget to subscribe to my channel here as well!


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