18 March 2015

The How To | Learning the Importance of Heat Protection

So, this sounds like a seriously, you didn't know this already, kind of post. However, I knew heat defense for your hair was important, however I kind of ignored. And when I say kind of ignored I mean I just didn't do it at all cause I couldn't be bothered. Yeah, nice one. I had my hair cut a few weeks ago and I ended up having a good four inches cut off cause my hair just felt so tired and lacklustre. I just didn't feel the love for it and the feeling was mutual. Since I got it cut I've been very into trying to keep it healthy and sort it out as I'm loving my new shorter locks and I don't want to go back into the phase of "meh, don't care, it's just hair" (yes, I know it rhymes, I'm quite proud of that). With that in mind I went out and got myself some heat protect spray.

I bought the Charles Worthington Strength and Repair Heat Defence Spray for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted something else from there and it was buy one get one half price (at the time - now it's 3 for 2). Secondly, I've used CW products before on my hair and been really impressed with them so I thought it was a brand I could definitely trust. Thirdly, I liked the bottle. I'm so shallow. Anywho, as with any heat spray I spray though the lengths and ends of my hair, and then brush through for an even distribution. If I'm rough drying my hair and then straightening/curling afterwards I then just blow dry it as is, then pop a bit more in before I style it with a heated tool - again combing through for even distribution. If I'm blow drying my hair properly though I tend to spray by paddle brush with the spray (as I use this to blow dry) as I feel this adds an extra layer or protection as the hairdryer is getting very close and personal with my hair. I respray on my brush for each layer of hair (usually three). 

I've been using some other new products as well (hair routine coming on YT very soon) however I've fallen in love with this. Other heat protection sprays I've tried before had left my hair feeling a bit heavy, or a bit crunchy - neither of which is particually nice. However, since I've started using this one my hair still feels so light and airy (an achievement for thick hair with product on), the ends of my hair don't feel singed or damaged and my hair in generally just looks so much healthier. When I didn't use any protection before styling my hair with heated tools it looked fine for like half a day and then it just looked a bit meh, a bit damaged and pretty obvious heat had been at this barnet. Now though it just looks naturally healthy, bouncy and I am loving heat protection. Who knew right?! (Okay yes, everyone other than me).

You may have also noticed that I've had a bit of a face lift... T&M, not me personally! It's my blogs 3rd Birthday next week so I felt the need for a refresh! I currently love it, I'd love to know what you think too!

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