5 July 2015

Sunday Spotlight | Temporary Secretary

It's that time of the week again! This means it is also Monday tomorrow... but we have a full day yet so let's ignore that! I didn't do one of these last week but it's back with one of my all time favourite blogs this week.

This week is all about the amazing Sarah from Temporary Secretary. I have read and followed Sarah's blog for years and I absolutely love it. For me one of the main things I love about this blog is the outfit posts - and mainly because they're attainable. A lot of fashion blogs I find quite hard to really look at because there isn't any feasible way for me to replicate it. However, Sarah's style is incredibly "every girl" and I love it. I have bought many things just because of her blog - so my wardrobe thanks her for that.

Not only do I love her outfit posts, but she does great beauty reviews and I love the little appearances by her pets - you know, I'm a crazy cat lady. Sarah herself is also so lovely, she's always commenting on my blog or social media. Definitely a blog I think needs a lot more recognition! Also, her photos - drool. Can mine look that light and professional please?!

If you haven't checked out Sarah's blog before make sure you do so - there is something for everyone and I promise you won't be disappointed. All her links are below so hurry - go go go!



  1. Sarah has to be one of my favourite bloggers too, her blog is always a pleasure to read & she is drop dead gorgeous too

    1. I know right!!! Good choice for a #SundaySpotlight!

  2. Thanks again for this shout out, Lisa! It has honestly made my day! I've been watching your youtube videos lately, and likewise about the spending thing! You make me want to buy new beauty products! I'm still trying to muster the confidence to start proper youtube videos, have nooooo idea where to start. Might just use my iPhone to film (or is the quality too offensive for YT?). When it comes to recording equipment, I haven't got a clue!! xxxx

    1. Awww you're more than welcome and thanks for the kind words back! I actually just use my DSLR, same one that I use for taking my blog pics. I got a cheapy stand off amazon for it and just use windows movie maker - super simple and super novice haha! So much fun though :) I'd def watch yours if you did them!!


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