14 July 2015

The Review | Create A Summer Cheek with Topshop

For me my cheek make up always changes with the weather. When it gets colder my blushes get more berry-toned, highlighter gets forgotten and bronzer is only for contouring. However, now it's bloody hot again in the UK I've changed it up again, and Topshop make up is a big big hit this year.

This first thing I change up is the amount of bronzer I apply. I go a little bit crazy... Well, not to crazy because lets face it - I don't want to be orange. This Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk is a matte bronzer (my fave) and can be used to contour or just add a bit more colour to the skin. Personally I like to get a really big fluffy brush (Real Techniques Powder Brush FYI), swirl it in the pan, blow off and then I like to employ the "3" method... From your forehead, then under the cheek bones, and along the chin. I use a light hand as I don't want to look like a different colour to the rest of my body, but enough to give some colour. I did dust my nose as well. 

Next I take Topshops Cream Blush in Head Over Heels, my all time favourite summer blush. It's a beautiful coral and as you can see I've pretty much hit pan with it and it does look disgusting because it's so well used (apologies). It's so easy to blend in and it lasts all day which is so important in the summer - you really don't want anything to melt off. I take a dense flat brush (Real Techniques Stippling Brush), put a small amount of product on the brush - it's very easy to over do it with this blush - and then brush lightly across the apples of your cheeks and up towards the hair line. 

Lastly I add highlighter to my routine. I don't really know why I avoid this in colder months, I just prefer a bit more of a matte look. Topshop's Glow Highlighter in Gleam is incredibly pretty and has a lovely darker gold so it helps add a more bronzed highlight tone. Just be careful as it's SO easy to over do it with this and you can look a bit too glittery! Just enough and it's very very pretty. Just pop it on the top of your apples with your fingers and blend along the top of the bone. Pretty pretty.

I think these three products make for the perfect summer cheek right now, and I've been picking them up as my part of my daily routine. Easy to apply, long lasting and all very affordable. So where's your local Topshop?


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  1. I absolutely love the topshop cream blushes, I need to get my hands on one of the glow pots!

    Coleoftheball xx


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