29 July 2015

The Wedding Post | What Type of Venue is for You?

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There are so many different types of venues you can get married in now, it's a bit overwhelming to say the least when you start looking. What type of venue is more suited to you, what are the types, what permissions do you need... The list goes on. However, I've popped together a little summary of the types of venues I've found and also who I think it'll suit the most.


This is obviously the most traditional. Churches can be incredibly beautiful, there's no doubt about that, and I think it's also a very romantic setting as well. Personally, neither my fiance or I are religious which is why we chose not to get married in a church. However, if you are a Christian this will be the obvious choice for you. But also, if you want to go down the traditional route, have something beautiful and nostalgic this is definitely for you. I think also if you want to follow on from your parents, or grandparents and get married in the same place this is a lovely choice. Whether you go for something small like St Mary's, within Portchester Castle, or something grander like St Pauls in Covent Garden, it'll be something to remember.

Manor House Hotel
A hotel is one of the easiest places logistically to get married as your guests don't have to look far for accomodation, however it can be a touch pricier than a normal hotel room just to warn you. There are many hotels or manor houses that  are now made to cater for weddings. If you're not the traditional type, want something that's really easy to organise and have relatives from a way off coming in then this may be the way for you. We ended up going for a manor house hotel, mainly because I fell in love with the place, but also because we wanted people to have somewhere really easy to stay, disabled access and experience. These hotels have all of that in abundance. You can go for something slightly smaller with a difference like Marwell Hotel (ever want to get married near a zoo?!) or go for something grander like Chilworth Manor. 

We did look at a couple of barns and we loved the idea of this. Barns are incredibly romantic, old fashioned and look beautiful in your wedding photos. However, the downside is they can look quite dark, and you can be restricted by a few rules as a lot of these barns are listed buildings. These are great though if you definitely want an old world theme, fairy tale lights and magical feelings. They are beautiful I have to say. Clock Barn is a beautiful one on a very picturesque setting, or you could go Heaton House Farm which has an adundance of barns to choose from and incredible photo opps in the impressive grounds.

I've seen some amazing photos of people getting married abroad on a beach somewhere, and it was very tempting until you realise only a small number of people can probably afford to come with you. I think getting married abroad definitely has it's perks, and if you want to get married on a beach you need to do it where you know the weather is guarenteed, and also if you only want a small wedding. If you want masses of people at your wedding this option isn't for you as it just wouldn't be financially possible (unless you're from Made in Chelsea), however if you have a handful of people you'd like to come then this could definitely work. I would take a visit to a Virgins Holiday rep as they have some amazing options and will help you plan every aspect. Kinda like a wedding planner...

Whatever seeing you choose to get married in, it's going to be special for you so don't let anyone else influence your decision. If you need some tips on picking check out my post here, otherwise, good luck!

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