17 July 2015

The Review | Matching Lips to Nails #2

About two years ago I did a post all about matching my lips to my nails, I used a raspberry pink for both and I loved the look, hello colour. Summer has come back around so I thought I'd do the same, especially as these pretty beauties not only match, but they're the same colour...

Pink is always a great colour for me on my lips, however a lot of the time I do tend to avoid it on my nails and I don't really know why. When I finally put some on I'm always going "WHY DON'T I WEAR THIS MORE!". It's just a very flattering shade on me. Match the two is a great idea to go for a really "pow" look and it's a way to ensure colour in your look. For this particular look I've used the beautiful pairing of Joan Collins Divine Lips in Evelyn* and the Joan Collins Nail Lacquer in Evelyn*. This is a beautiful combination. 

Seperately they are great, I've done a full post on the lipstick here so check that out for more details, but the nail lacquer is amazing as well. It's a beautiful colour for this summer and actually helps to enhance what little tan you may have. It's also super long lasting, it takes a lot to chip this beauty I have to say.

I love this look and it's definitely one I'll be sporting this summer, I may even go full beauty and do the toes as well...

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