10 July 2015

The Dupe | Benefit Roller Lash v Maybelline Lash Sensational

If you're like me you were completely swept away in the hyper of Benefit's newest mascara, Roller Lash. It lengthens, it seperates and it adds volume... What isn't there to love. Well, other than the packaging which is not my favourite. Honestly, it quickly went to the top of my mascara list... Until now that is. 
I don't THINK Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara (such a hard name to say BTW) is new... But I think the brush is new. Correct me if I'm wrong... I could be wrong. Anywho, not the point. The point is that this product is basically IDENTICAL to Roller Lash in every single way - except price and packaging. But let's get into the details and see if it beats Roller Lash in any way...

The brushes on this are pretty identical. They are plastic brushes with curves, and different length bristles to create a "multi layered look". I don't really understand the whole multi layered look part - but the basic idea is that these brushes can grip all lengths of lashes. I love the brush on both, I can't deny it. However, if I had to pick one I'd say Roller Lash JUST clinches it for me as I feel it has slightly better grip and I have to apply less coats to create the same look as I would for Lash Sensational.
Winner: Benefit Roller Lash

Volume, Curl & Length
Both products are great at adding length, and for me that's actually something I prefer to volume. It's easy to achieve length in both and you don't need lash curlers for either of these products which I think is all down to the brush. It's hard to pick, but for me I've gone for Maybelline's offering as I find I'm reaching for it more often which means I prefer the end result. I spent a week with one eye wearing Maybelline, the other Roller Lash and I did prefer the end look of Maybelline more, but only just...
Winner: Maybelline Lash Sensational 

One of my major bugs with mascaras is if they clump - I really hate clumping. Who doesn't? So for me it's important to have a mascara that doesn't do this. Neither of these mascaras are clumping ones in the slightest - the thin bristles ensure seperation stays throughout the day, however - I did find that the longer it's on, the Maybelline one does have a touch of clumping which is slightly disappointing. Nothing noticable, and nothing worth putting anyone off - but Roller Lash definitely doesn't do this.
Winner: Benefit Roller Lash

So, even though Roller Lash won of the three above categories there are many other ways in which Maybelline Lash Sensational wins for me. Starters is the packaging - it's so much chicer and cleaner, I definitely prefer it. Secondly, there is a waterproof version - which I love. This means I can take it on holiday with me - score! It's hard to pick a winner, but for me I'm definitely picking up Maybelline more than Benefit right now - it's a incredible dupe, and in many ways it surpasses the higher priced products.

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