12 July 2015

Sunday Spotlight | Wonderful You

It's that time of week ago and today I wanted to share with you guys one of the blogs that has actually just been really inspiring me this year. This lovely lady has been through a bit of a life crisis that past year and how she's turned it around and built herself back up is amazing to watch. Also, her entire look = girl crush.
Let me introduce you to Meg from Wonderful You. You do probably know about her, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd already seen her blog and it is a beaut. I love everything about Meg's look - from her incredibly red bobbed hair to her effortlessly chic style. She is just a complete beaut.

One thing that's really stood out for me about Meg's blog this year though has just been her entire journey. She's building her life back up and reading about her progress, seeing her take chances and risks is heart warming and incredibly inspiring. If you haven't see her Bali posts I would definitely recommend them. Now my next dream holiday destination! Also, I love that she is confident enough to do naked shoots to put on her blog. A lot of girls would probably judge because that is what some girls do, but if you read the story behind why she's done it you would totally understand. And honestly - major girl crush because she looks incredible in them. I definitely take my hat off to her for that.

If you haven't gone to see Wonderful You definitely go and take a look, you won't regret it and if you don't leave with your heart a little warmed from the experience I'd be surprised. All links are below so take a look!


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