24 July 2015

The Review | L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation

Finding the perfect base is always difficult, especially one from the cheaper end of the scale. Harder than that is finding the perfect colour match - but that's a tale for another day. Finding a base that ticks all your boxes is a great day, and this particular foundation seems to be having a major moment right now, but does it tick those boxes?

L'Oreal launched their new "Infallible" foundations this year, one for a fresh faced dewy finish, and the other a matte finish. As an oily skinned gal anytime a foundation comes out that claims to be mattifying I jump on it like kangeroo, and the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation was no different. The amount of hype and praise it was getting didn't really help either... In terms of ticking my boxes there are a few things I really look for, so how has it done..

Pink Toned Shade
Most lower end foundations are dominated by yellow toned shades, which is somewhat of a pain for this pink toned skin gal. Firstly I picked up "Vanilla", however this was a bit too light and also a bit too yellow. Then I went back and picked up "Natural Rose", which as the name suggests has a pink tone to it and honestly is the closest match I've ever found on the high street. I believe there are about 6 shades in this range, however there is a good selection to choose from so in theory you should find your shade pretty easily.


Lightweight Feel
One thing I was worried about was how comfortable it would feel as everyone said it had incredibly high coverage. It does give very high coverage, one thing that I do love about it, however it feels very lightweight and very natural feeling on the skin which I really like. In terms of coverage as well you don't need too much concealer either, just a bit under the eyes and you're good to go.

Oil at Bay

I suffer with oily skin as I've said before, so a matte finish is great but I always worry sometimes they can look too matte - which just doesn't look natural. This does give an instantly matte finish - as soon as you apply - however once blended in properly you still get a natural glow coming through and you're not left with a matte face all day, it's a very nice natural finish and it does keep oil away throughout the day, which I really do like. It's hard to find that balance for me, but this really does it well


Commuting Test
For me my base needs to stay all day. I commute two hours to work, and two hours back, most days so I need a good base that'll stay and help to hold the rest of it on all day. This boasts 24hour coverage, and although I haven't testing the 24 hour statement, it did pass the commuting test - even on those days I go and play netball after work. It's a very long wearing foundation.

I do like foundations or bases that I wear this time of the year to have SPF in it, mainly because I'm lazy/forgetful and don't put any on myself. Having SPF in your base already is just so much easier. Unfortunately this base doesn't have that, so while I'm happy to wear it to and from work (in an office all day thank you very much), I prefer to wear something with SPF at the moment if I know I'm going to be out of the hosue for longer.

In terms of ticks, that is 4 out of 5... which is pretty damn good. Because of the missed tick I would definitely say this foundation is more autumn/winter suited, however it is an incredibly foundation if you suffer with oily or shiny skin and I would highly recommend it.


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  1. This does sound great I think L'oreal do lovely bases but unfortunately for me they break me out terribly.

    Rosy | sparklesoflight76.blogspot.co.uk


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