28 July 2015

The How To | Transition into Summer

Whether it's summer or winter, I have a few products I make sure I use in each season. Why? Because different products are suited to different climates, and not only that, but your skin changes with the seasons as well. Leaves may go greener in summer, but my skin definitely gets oilier, which means I can't use some products I use in the colder months.
I've put together my top summer essentials that I tend to use every single year, and what I have used them to replace...

1 | Full Coverage Foundation > Tinted Moisturisers/BB Creams
Foundations always been very heavy to me in the summer, as they do for most people. Not only that, by my oily skin means they don't tend to last as long as they do in the winter. Instead I gravitate towards an oil-free tinted moisturiser, like the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser, or a nice mattifying BB cream, like the Rimmel Matte BB Cream. They last longer, feel lighter and look more natural in the summer heat.

2 | Powder Blushes > Cream/Liquid Blushes
Powder blushes are great in the winter as they blend nicely with fuller foundations and you can get away with using darker blushes without worrying about too much pigmentation. However, in the summer I put these away and reach for my cream and liquid blushes, something that'll blend nicely, look natural and glowy, yet not melt off in the sun. My favourites at the moment are the Topshop Cream Blushes and the Bourjois 12hour Aqua Blushes as they look beautiful in the summer and weather the sweating (pretty picture there I know).

3 | Bold Matte Lips > Tinted Balms
I do love a good bold lip, and don't get me wrong I wear them all year around. However, they tend to be more prevalent in colder months. When it gets a bit warmer I like to pop on a nice, moisturising tinted balm with a sheen of colour that adds a nice pop, but it really nice at keeping the lips in good condition in the heat as well. My favourites are the Benefit versions, in particular PosieBalm, however the Revlon Lip Butters do hold a very special place in my heart as well.

4 | Cream Cleansers > Gel Cleansers
I find cream cleansers are great in winter as they are quite heavy and are great at rehydrating the skin from the cold, however, even though I still need hydration in summer gel cleansers work better for me in the heat at controlling oil. They are also lighter so they don't feel too hot and heavy on the skin. As I'm using tinted moisturisers anyway I don't feel like I've lost any moisture either which is good. The Origins Zero Oil Cleanser is always my go to, however the La Roche Posay Effaclar Cleasing Gel is a great, more affordable alternative.

5 | Bold Winged Liner > Smoked Soft Liner
You will usually see me with bold winged liner most of the year, however when it gets a bit hotter I like to soften my eyes a bit, my entire look really, and one way to do that is to soften the eyes. The bold black wings get replaced with more of a natural smoky look. I either take the No7 Shade and Define and smudge it out, or if I feel like a darker eye I use the Maybelline MasterDrama liner and smudge smudge smudge.

When it gets colder I've no doubt that I'll revert back to the other ways, however for now - where it's a bit warmer these are my currently beauty habits.

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  1. I definitely prefer a lighter base in the Summer. I tend to concentrate more on the longevity of a product too x



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