22 May 2014

The Life Post | Forest of Dean Day 4&5

Last lot of photos I promise - I don't want to bore you all!

Day 4
Our last full day at the site we decided to make the most of it. Dad went off on a bike ride, then he took me and Mum to a nearby stable where we got to go pony (cough) trekking. Not going to lie, I am petrified of horses so this was a big step for me and those were not ponies... full on bloody great big horses. I did really enjoy it though and it was nice to do something different with my Mum. After that we had a bit of lunch, then the dogs went for a walk about the site.

Si and Willow stayed at the cabin for some quality time while we headed up to Symonds Yat Rock. We went last year in the morning when everything was covered in mist so it was nice to actually see what was below the rock. It was gorgeous, hot and sunny - just beautiful. We then headed off for dinner at the Royal Lodge which was amazing. Lovely food!

Day 5
We were all zonked out and sad to leave. We packed all our bits and bobs and went out for one last lunch down at Symonds Yat east. Willow was ready to drive her and Si back to Cardiff! Was so sad to leave as it's beautiful scenery but it is always nice to come back home!

If you're thinking of somewhere to go to escape everything I would definitely recommend the Forest of Dean, take a look and just go! It's beautiful.

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