21 May 2014

The Life Post | Forest of Day Day 3

If you haven't seen all the pics from Day 2 (none really from Day 1) click here to see the post. This follows on from that so again be warned, a bit photo heavy...

Day 3 was definitely more of a chilled out day for me. While the dogs went for a walk Adam and I stayed behind to chill out and I went for a little explore around the site playing with my camera focus and taking pictures of the beautiful forest.

That evening we all went off to have a go at the "Family Fun Quiz" at the main club house - it was a lot of fun and we ended up 2nd, woop! We came third last year so next week we are aiming for number 1! When we got back we broke out the Jenga... Last year I managed to loose every single time - however this year I became... JENGA BITCH! Yup, I was the last one without knocking it over, woop! It made my night anyway... 

Come back tomorrow for the last installment from the FoD (I will stop bothering you with it then) and back on Friday with a new video!

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