11 May 2014

The Life Post | A Sneak Peek

I love instagram - just going to throw it out there. I love taking pics and Instagram gives me an excuse to do it all the time - hence why I love it. I also think as a blogger is such a good way to peek into the lives of the people behind the blog, like the nosey cow I am! So I want to start a new series (either every Sunday or every other, not decided yet) of what I've been up to. This first one is a bit of a mass one as it's sort of an accumulation of weeks so.... Let's get started!

Presents from work | Card from the bestie | Exploring my new work city | Drinks after work
This week I left my job at Staples to move onto bigger and better things. I have been offered a job in London as a Marketing Assistant which I next week and I can't wait. Everyone was very sweet and they put together to get me this snazzy little camera, a smart pen set and of course a card. I went for a quick drink after work with Laura on my last day as a little goodbye. It's sad to go but I can't wait until I start my new job!

New tattoo | Uploading onto YouTube | Trying milkmaid braids | New Asos shorts | New TU patterned trousers
To go with the new job there has been some new things going on as well! On Friday I went and got my first tattoo eek! I've wanted one forever and I'm so proud of myself for finally going and getting it done. I love it! I am going to do a post once it's all healed etc about my experience and tips for first timers. I've also jumped back onto YouTube, I currently have two vids up and will be uploading one tomorrow as well (subscribe here). I've also been experimenting with my style a bit more - adding some patterns to my bottom half (eek) and playing with my hair now it's a bit longer.

Easter cuddles with Hanah and Willow | View for dinner | Shopping | Wine on arrival | Arthur dog!
I went to Cambridge a couple of weekends ago and had a lovely time. I went up to visit my brothers girlfriend Hanah who has recently moved there. I'd seen her and her fluffy dog the weekend before for Easter but it was nice to get away for a weekend. Cambridge is such a gorgeous city and we had the nicest view for our dinner - a lot of wine was consumed and a lot of shopping took place! At the end of the weekend I was happy to get home to my little pup though, just look how cute he is!!

Clarence Pier with the bestie | Yummy homemade pie | Mothers Day | Shakeaway selfie | Crazy golf
I've been spending a lot of time recently with my bestie (as you should) and it's been nice to get out and about with her as usual we are both so broke we just stay in and have a natter (which is nice too!). Last weekend I only had Saturday off so we headed down to Clarence Pier with our other half for a round of crazy golf and arcade hopping. We also hit Shakeaway a couple of weeks before and I made them all a lovely dinner. We also had Mothers Day and I couldn't resist putting this pic up of me and my beautiful Mum. She also has a blog here which you should all take a peak at!

If you want to keep up to date with my life follow me on Instagram here - leave a comment on a pic to let me know you came from here :) as I said above you can also subscribe to me on YouTube now here - I will be putting my Cambridge Primark Haul up tomorrow so keep an eye out!

I am off to the Forest of Dean tomorrow with the fam until Friday, I will still be popping posts up and will definitely be putting up some pics on Instagram and here if signal is okay! You can check out last years trip to FoD here if you're interested!

How's your life going?


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